Enjoying the Day

What is Grillfest Northwest

Grillfest Northwest is a grilling competition bringing together grilling hobbyists around the Northwest. One main competition will be held during the day where competitors will be grilling up the best salmon, steak and produce and presenting their creations to SCA certified judges. The winner will qualify for both the WFC Steak Championship and SCA World Championship. There will be throw-down competitions held throughout the day. Throw-downs are between two competitors and the winner will be decided by FoodSport Experience judges. Anyone can purchase a ticket to the FoodSport Experience. FSE judges will get an allocated time to get a run-down tutorial on judging, watch the throw-down, taste the food and award the prize Chopped-Style. Spectators can watch this event for no cost and enjoy the meat-focused food trucks  at the Seattle Center.

Food Truck

Carefully selected and focused on delicious meat and BBQ

Throw-Down Competitions

Watch teams go head to head before sending their food to the FoodSportExperience area for judging